PPC Marketing Campaigns

Technology changes at a breakneck pace, and we’re happy to be a pace car.

Pay Per Click

From landing pages to keyword research, Map-It Inc. takes the hard work out on Pay-Per-Click. For companies that depend on a large volume of eCommerce or Lead Generation, this service offers fully managed turnkey Pay-Per-Click solutions to increase sales.

We can help you drive targeted leads to your business with our managed Pay Per Click (PPC) Online Marketing Service which includes:

  • Access to our PPC experts for one-on-one consultations.
  • Qualified leads to drive potential customers to your website.
  • Ongoing campaign optimization that works with any budget.

A literal and absolute PURCHASE of new customers

While starting with digital marketing, most of the beginners stick to the very basic tool of SEO. No doubt this is an authentic technique but despite all the authenticity, this is also a fact that no matter how advanced and smart your SEO strategy is; this may still take around 6-12 months to show first page results. In many cases, this may take even more than that. So each business doesn’t procure so many funds for advertising purpose to see encouraging results, especially the small scale businesses. So here come the PPC Campaigns that are meant to show swift and absolute results. Or at least they guarantee that you only pay as much as you gain.

PPC is meant for those businesses who need new leads fast. In some cases, PPC campaigns could generate revenues right after just a few hours once the campaign has been launched. So these are the paid ads where you pay directly to the google for your ads to show up on the very first page. The best part about the PPC lies within its name that means in full form “pay per click”, so this implies that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. If someone doesn’t click on your ad at all, you do not need to pay a penny for this. So this is a lot better than those expensive TV or Radio ads where there is no guarantee that how many audience or viewers are paying attention to your ad. 

Let your AD be appeared only where it SHOULD!

Here at Mapit, the PPC strategy begins with our PPC experts who possess years-long experience of service in this certain niche. They decide that for which exact searches do we need to show your ad for. For instance, if you have a plumbing shop in New York, your ad must be displayed when someone types the keywords like the “best plumbing shop in New York”. Certainly, you wouldn’t want your ad to be displayed when someone is looking for the best plumbing school in New York right? So our experts know this perfectly that when and where your ad needs to be displayed and when not! This is an absolute method of attaining best possible ROI.