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When customers search for a product or a service offered by businesses like yours, PPC allows you to emerge as the first result. At Mapit Marketing Group, our PPC management campaigns are meant to help you get an instant traffic boost. Being a renowned PPC agency New York, Our team has the PPC expertise and skills to drive real results and enable you to maximize sales at reduced rates. The ultimate result is a customized PPC strategy that drives lots of traffic, higher engagements, and significant profit increases.

With our effective PPC campaigns tailored to meet the requirements of your business, you will get immediate results, increase your brand recognition, target your customers in real-time and thrive through Google’s algorithm changes. We never use just one approach; instead, we take the time to learn about your specific business and goals before creating a customized strategy. As a result, we can assure you that your objectives are completed to your satisfaction. Our PPC team uses the most up-to-date marketing techniques to assist you in more effectively targeting your specific niche and getting better outcomes. This makes us one of the best New York PPC companies.

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Catalytic Converter

With our effective, expertly planned PPC campaigns, Catalytic Converter witnessed a rapid increase in traffic, which led to more inquiries and lead generation. We helped the company gain maximum visibility while optimally utilizing its resources.
The campaign was set with a focus to get more conversions within a specified pai budget. The client got 200% in business growth after running the campaign.


Increase in

0.45% - 15.67%
CTR Increased
Conversion Rate

Junk Cars

Junk Cars availed our most proficient PPC New York services and experienced a boost in traffic. Our team with proper budgeting and effective targeting created a highly result-oriented campaign that helped Junk Cars get maximum visibility and reach.

The conversion rate for the Junk Car campaign is around 40% which is considered a very good number in this industry. The campaign was setup and optimized with a focus to earn more conversions.


Increase in

CTR Increased
Conversion Rate

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MAP-IT Inc designed my website and I am more than happy with their job. I just underlined my ideas and they polished them to a way that exceeded my expectations. I really appreciated their pro activeness, honesty and professionalism. They have the greatest customer service I ever encountered. They don't give you any headache to solve your issue or assist you, they are always available and very quick in solving your matter. Now I have a fancy and high quality website and I am bragging about it. Thank you for your outstanding job. I recommend the company to anyone who is looking for this kind of service.

Nade Coulibaly - Doucoure Owner/CEO of Baly Cleaning Services

Hands down the best customer service ive dealt with in my life! i will be telling my colleagues about you! thank you for everything! visit my site bashcutz.com i always wanted to say that with confidence. and they give me just that! thank you a trillion!

Ralph Johnson Bash The Grooming Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about PPC and how it can benefit your company? Find answers to frequently asked questions about PPC here!

PPC advertising is a method for your company to display ads across the internet. Your business can be promoted in search engine results, web pages, and even social networking sites.

Your advertising network expenditure is known as ad spend or marketing cost. It’s the amount of money you’re willing to spend on ad networks over the course of a year or month.

PPC advertising allows you to promote throughout the Internet.

The following are the most popular locations:

  • Search engine results
  • Websites run by other entities
  • Social networking sites

The cost of a PPC marketing campaign varies depending on the company, sector, and approach. Contact us for the best New York PPC campaigns estimations.

Based on your advertising platform and ad type, PPC can function in a variety of ways. Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, for example, use distinct techniques for their ad bids, despite their similarities. Many people use Google’s process to explain how PPC advertising works.

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